Learn About Us

My name is Katia Favreau and since august of 2010, I am in charge of la Chèvrerie de l’Epine in Notre Dame des Landes next to Nantes. Since last year, Nicolas, my husband joined me in this adventure. We started the farming with 42 goats. The herd is extended every year thanks to the birth of new goats. Today, our farm counts with 70 Alpine breed goats. However, we want to keep a human dimension to our farm and thus, keep a respectful relationship with our animals. The cheese’ production began in March of 2011. Thanks to a healthy diet without chemical products, all our products are certified organics.

Currently, we are selling our cheeses in the AMAP, on markets and for restaurateur (le Château du Saze) and schools (Grigonnais’ school).

After a training in an organic dairy cow farming’s Gaec in Loire-Atlantique, my apprenticeship Master helped me during my installation. He encouraged me to develop a goat cheese production. As soon as I settled, some AMAP have spontaneously supported me and permitted me to start with few opportunities. Our ambition was to create a small farm respecting the environment and the animals.

We are really interested in the sale growth in AMAP because it will permit us producing cheeses for people we know, people who care about what they eat and who value our work. That is rewarding!